Candid Co. Vs. Your Local Dentist for Invisalign®

Straightening your smile has become easier than ever these days! Although younger patients may opt for traditional braces, more adults turn towards an alternative method: Invisalign.

Invisalign made its appearance in the late 1990's as a breakthrough alternative to traditional wire braces. These removable, clear aligner trays are less noticeable and tend to straighten your smile faster.

Recently, we've seen do-it-yourself companies offer aligner products with the promise of orthodontist supervised results. Candid Co., a new teledentistry company on the scene, is claiming a simpler solution to a straighter smile. Let's take a look at how this start up measures up to traditional in-patient care:


Pros to Using Smile Direct Club


Save Money: Candid Co. is a cheaper alternative to in-care teeth straightening treatment. Their advertised cost adds up to $1995- this includes a $95 modeling kit to help you create molds of your teeth, a free initial assessment from an orthodontist, a free treatment plan if accepted, and $1900 or $80/month for your aligners. (Dentistry at Suburban Square's monthly payments are $84 per month with no starting costs and you receive direct care from leading Invisalign professional, Dr. Wollock.) You will need to pay a $270 fee for your impressions and $99 for a retainer post treatment. In total, your starting cost sits around $2219.


Save Time: A do it yourself treatment plan can save time. You will not receive in-patient care; Candid's program offers a modeling kit for you to take impressions of your teeth at your convenience.


Easy to Get Started: Once you have sent in your modeling kit, an orthodontist will evaluate your molds and send you a virtual treatment plan for you to follow throughout your straightening journey.

Cons of Using Candid Co:


Orthodontist Supervision: Candid Co. uses the term “orthodontist supervision” loosely. Your initial mold assessment will be examined by an orthodontic professional, however once your treatment plan is in place, care falls on you. If you have issues, a customer service representative may help you; although, they do not receive medical training.


Rejected: Roughly 20% of Candid's potential patients are rejected from the program after payment is received. Candid labels this as a “complicated case,” but patients report this rejection notice comes with no explanation or accredited orthodontist's name to follow up about their evaluation.


No Buttons: Buttons are a material that temporarily adheres to your teeth during your Invisalign treatment to ensure your aligners remain in place and your teeth shift in a timely fashion. Candid Co. does not offer buttons, which can prolong the process of a straighter smile.


Unsatisfactory Results: Several patients who have undergone Candid's plan report disappointment after treatment. Individuals may see results; however, many anticipated a straighter smile.


Wait Time: Many patients who sign up for their treatment have complained about delayed treatment. Some patients report a three month wait time after sending in their molds.


Customer Service: The reviews speak for themselves. Although some patients may claim to have a seamless experience, poor reviews tend to outline the lack of attentive service regarding insurance reimbursement, mailing issues, and poor follow up communication.

Read the Reviews

Before making a big financial decision about your health, we advise you to do your due diligence. Candid Co. may receive positive testimonials, but they can also dictate which reviews are worthy of sharing with prospective clients. The Better Business Bureau reviews paint a discouraging story as well.

Are You Ready to Work with Dr. Wollock?

Working face to face with a trained professional in the dental industry affords you attentive, top quality care. Although Candid Co.'s customer service will be able to answer some of your questions, a dental professional can sit with you and directly address concerns throughout your experience and easily adjust your treatment if necessary.

Dr. Wollock is recognized as 1 of 25 Elite 1% Invisalign dentists in the nation. His expertise makes him a well-respected mentor in the field of Invisalign dentistry.


All-Inclusive Invisalign for $3,279

Dr. Wollock's all-inclusive treatment plan successfully guarantees a straighter smile. For $3,279, you will receive:

  • An initial consult
  • Checkup visits
  • Invisalign treatment
  • X-rays
  • Photos
  • Scanning/impressions
  • Any necessary corrections
  • Free set of retainers

Invisalign Treatment in Suburban Square

Invisalign treatment with Dr. Wollock and his team ensures you a successful journey to a straighter smile. Learn more about Dentistry at Suburban Square's Invisalign deal.


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